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Cooking with Maguey Sap

A Flavor as Unique as Mexico

One of the biggest questions we get is if Maguey Sap can replace sugar. And we say, of course! Maguey’s flavor profile is like no other in the sweetener category, making it so much more than just a sugar substitute for coffees and pancakes - although we love it with both. Its rich and sweet flavor profile has notes of molasses, caramel, crème brûlée, malt and a hint of earthiness. Because of its unique flavor and chameleon-like abilities, it pairs well with almost any kind of product including cereals, baked goods, dairy products, vinaigrettes, marinades, beverages and so much more.


The Many Colors of Maguey

Since our Maguey Sap is never-heated and is all-natural, it is considered a “live” product meaning the colors will change gradually over time, like a fine wine. The starting light amber color is ideal to use as an everyday sweetener, and the dark, rich brown color adds a one-of-a-kind flavor in sweet and savory dishes – perfect for roasting, baking, sautéing marinades and so much more. To keep your Maguey Sap at the color level you love, keep it in the fridge to preserve. Follow our handy color grade system to see where your Maguey Sap it is in its progression.

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