Our Story
Maguey sap is obtained from the maguey plant that is native to the arid highlands of Mexico. Since ancient times, the maguey plant has served as a source of nourishment, shelter and textiles for the people of Mexico. The Aztecs worshipped the maguey as the goddess Mayahuel, naming it the Plant of the Gods because of its alleged medicinal and nutritional properties. This sacred plant also serves as a soil protector and regenerator, helping to prevent erosion and acting as a natural healing agent for the land.They grow in the desert without any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, as they are well-adapted to its harsh ecosystem. It literally leaves a positive carbon footprint and gives back to the land and beyond.
With the belief that healthy food can only be produced from a healthy land, we continued to revive the eroded fields to allow for all the delicious ways the maguey plant could enhance others’ lives with good food and good drink, all while working in harmony with the environment. We were able to accomplish this by combining an ancient Mexican tradition with the maguey plant with new technology and so the Villa de Patos brand was born.

Goddess Mayahuel, plant of the gods.

As a family owned business, we believe in providing green alternatives for sustainable development that allow us t live in harmony with the environment - working with nature, and not against it. In addition to our efforts to promote the conservation and recovery of ecosystems at our ranch, it is also through the creation of jobs throughout the small villages of northern Mexico that we are able to deliver the sweet goodness of maguey to your fingertips.



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